Exciting News!!

First of all – I want to apologize for being M.I.A!  The last month has been so busy with family related things and then the holidays.  It’s no excuse but I do hope to get back to my routine of blogging.
I just came back from my vacation in Mexico (which was a productive reading vacation for me!) and returned to some exciting news!  I’ve been featured on bookbloggerlist.com which (as the name suggests) is a site that lists out a variety of book bloggers by genre.  If you’re looking to discover some new book bloggers then I highly recommend checking out this site!  It’s got a variety of different genres to choose from and who knows, perhaps you might find a blogger that inspires you to expand your reading and explore a different genre!
As a result of being on this listing, I’ve also found that I’ve been getting quite a few emails in my inbox on requests to review books.  I’m really excited that people want me to review their books and this is definitely something I’m interested in doing.  I do need to put in a bit of thought of how this will work and I’ll do up a separate page with details on how to request a review!
Thanks for your support and happy reading!

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