It’s That Time 

It’s that time again! You know, where everyone tends to take a moment and reflect on what they accomplished in the year and what they hope to achieve in the following year.  I’m no different and enjoy looking back on what I’ve done and what’s left to accomplish!

I’d say that one of the biggest accomplishments this year was getting married in March! It seems like just yesterday that we were running around worrying about the final details and then embarking on a whirlwind of a journey on the Easter long weekend.   That weekend was filled with so much love that my heart remains full to this very day.  Although my husband and I are starting to get the “when are you having babies?” questions, we’re content at the moment in adjusting to one another and getting some traveling opportunities in before having kids.  I look forward to some interesting travels in 2017!  On the docket are Italy, Greece, and Morocco… something tells me this is going to be an expensive year!

Another great thing that happened was of course the birth of Zi’s Reads! I’m so happy that I have been able to return back to my favourite thing to do (reading) and share my thoughts on what I read with others!  Although the first half of the year was so busy, I am proud if myself for surpassing my goal of reading 20 books in 2016 by 4 books!  What I’m most impressed with is that I hit that goal with 80% of the books I read being in August onwards!

As I mentioned in my last Instagram post, 2017 brings a new home for my blog.  I think 2016 was a good year of laying the foundation but I’m excited to grow my following in 2017. I hope to do that by being more regular in my posts on Instagram and of course on my blog.

I think what I struggle with is that my Bookstagram account is basically an album of books I’m reading rather than simply pictures of books.  That makes it difficult for me to post as frequently as other accounts but I will continue to work on what else I can post to engage my followers.  I have a few ideas for my blog as well to help me step out of simply providing reviews on books because again that is dependent on my reading and can limit the amount I write.

As I look back on 2016, while its been an exciting year of firsts it’s also been a tumultuous time with respect to family health.  I hope 2017 can bring some more positivity in that regard.

On that note I say to you, my dear reader, that I hope 2017 brings you all of your hearts desires and I hope that this time next year you will be reflecting on some exciting moments!

Bring on 2017!



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