The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena

6 month old Cora is kidnapped from her room while her parents are at dinner at the neighbour’s home.  Cora’s parents, Marco and Anne, agree to take their baby monitor with them next door and check in on Cora every half hour.  Great plan, until it’s not!  The book is your classic ‘whodunnit’ and will probably have you going through its pages within one sitting!

A detective is called in to help solve the mystery of the missing baby and has you questioning – was this actually a kidnapping that Anne and Marco had nothing to do with?  Were they really the innocent parents they seemed to be?  Did Anne, a new mother that was on medication for post-partum depression, do something terrible to Cora that Marco was trying to cover?  This book will have you questioning every character’s intention until you get to the very end!


Zi’s Reads: The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapina

I loved this book for sheer pace of the adventure you’re taken on!  I wasn’t in the mood for a slow paced read that takes its time developing situations and characters and this book did not disappoint!  Within the first 10 pages, I was hooked!

There were definitely times where I thought I had things figured out, and I think readers can probably deduce what happened to Cora by about the half way mark but the second half of the book makes you question everything and each chapter ends in a way that makes you doubt your allegations.  Was it Anne?  Was it Marco?  Was it Cynthia, the woman next door?

This book had just the right amount of twists and turns that made the story believable (I’ve read other reviews that say exactly the opposite and was actually not going to give this book a shot based on those reviews!) but to each their own, I guess.  This book definitely had the same vibe as “Behind Closed Doors” although it wasn’t nearly as morbid.

With respect to a book that has substance or meaning, this isn’t that type of book so if you’re more of a ‘philosophical reader’, you won’t like this.  If suspense is more up your alley, pick this one up and I promise you won’t be able to put it down!


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