Challenging Myself to a Series!

In the first part of my first bookish tag, there were a few questions in there related to reading a book series and that made me realize that I haven’t actually successfully finished a series (I don’t think!)

I had started the Fifty Shades series but couldn’t put myself through the torture of going past two books in that installment.  I read the first two books of the Hunger Games series and read the first 2.5 books of the Harry Potter series.  Why am I such a delinquent when it comes to a series?  Do I have commitment issues?!

I think my issue with books in a series is that I never know whether I should read them all in one shot or space them out a bit.  If I read them consecutively, I feel like each story is essentially the same and I get bored.  If I space them apart, I forget things from prior books or have a hard time re-connecting with characters again.

Anyhow, now that we’re two months into the year and the whole “new year’s resolution” thing is far gone (so too must the odds of me failing at this!), I figured I’d set myself a challenge.  Here goes – get through one series this year.  Sounds simple, right?  Seeing that I can’t seem to get past the first two books of a series, this might be harder than I think!

I decided to think about a series that I could potentially get through … something that is a light and easy read … I haven’t really read chicklit in a while and I used to really enjoy reading that.  I used to love the mix of a girl trying to figure out her life, mixed with a bit of romance, some embarrassing/funny moments, and then see how the girl finally figures things out (with or without a Prince Charming).  I loved Sophie Kinsella (and I’m sure you know where I’m going here) but I landed on going through the Shopaholic series!

I committed to my decision and immediately put the first book on hold.  When I went to pick it up at the library, I saw the 2nd book on the self as well so I picked that up too!  I figured it was fate and that the Book Gods agreed with my decision on picking the Shopaholic series as my series of choice for this year!  I didn’t realize that this series consists of 8 books!!  Oh boy!

Anyhow, all is said and done and I now have 10 months to get through 8 books from the same series … I think I can do it.  No, I KNOW I can do it.  And with that … off I go to start part one:  Confessions of a Shopaholic!


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