The Hidden Life of Otto Frank – Carol Ann Lee

Otto Frank was the father of the infamous Anne Frank whose diary gripped the hearts of everyone that read it.  Her diary illustrated the events of World War II through the eyes of a 13 year old Jewish girl in hiding and who eventually was discovered by the Nazis and sent to concentration camps.

I remembered reading The Diary of Anne Frank several times in high school so when I came across The Hidden Life of Otto Frank, I just had to put it on hold.  The book was supposed to explore how the Germans were tipped off about the Franks’ hiding place that ultimately caused them to be sent off to concentration camps where everyone but Otto died.

Otto Frank - Zi's Reads

Zi’s Reads: The Hidden Life of Otto Frank by Carol Ann Lee

I think my expectations were very high for this book given how much I loved The Diary of Anne Frank.  I unfortunately did not get through this book and found it to be a bit difficult to follow as it was written more like a history book than a cohesive story or recounting of Otto’s point of view of living in captivity and what happened after they were discovered by the Germans.  Perhaps the book did eventually touch upon that but I didn’t find that the book kept me engaged the way that Anne Frank’s Diary did.  I understand that the points of view are different and that the majority of Anne’s rendition of events was while she was captive but again, I just could not relate to the way that the book was written. It just seemed very, “historic” rather than a personal recounting of events.  I’m not sure if I’m making any sense!

I just couldn’t get into the book so I moved along to the next one for the month.  Usually when I stop reading a book, it doesn’t faze me but the fact that I couldn’t get myself through this one really made me sad and slightly disappointed.  Perhaps I’ll pick this one at another time and feel differently about it …


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