Series Update | Becky Bloomwood – Get Your Sh*t Together!

In March 2017, I challenged myself to completing a book series.  I picked the Shopaholic series because I figured it’d be a super easy read and I enjoy Sophie Kinsella books – they’re quick and aren’t super intense so I thought it’d be an easy way to get through a series.  In April, I did a mid-series update after reading 3 of the 6 books in the series.  I’ve been meaning to provide an update on where things stand … so here it is!

Let me start off by saying that overall I enjoy chicklit books. They’re the perfect summer reads and are generally quick to get through.  However, I’m sad to say I didn’t finish this series!  I just couldn’t!  You know when you have a close girlfriend that just keeps on making the same mistakes over and over and over again and you just want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them!?  That’s what I wanted to do with Becky Bloomwood!

giphy (2)

I just couldn’t stand Becky’s naivité when it came to life. She had an uncontrollable love for shopping which lands her into debt – over and over again. She’s constantly justifying her purchases (often as investments for future endeavours that are part of her long term plans in getting herself out of debt) and ends up further in the red.  She often lands herself in extravagant situations where she finds herself caught up in a web of lies because she can’t put her big girl panties on and confront her issues once and for all.  Don’t get me wrong, we all have moments in life where we don’t want to confront issues – especially when they’ve been snowballing for a while and you really have no one to blame but yourself; but come on! Avoidance gets you nowhere (except perhaps knee deep into even more issues!)

Putting aside the repetition of Becky’s shopping problem and her inability to get out of debt, the characters in this book were so lack-luster! I really could not relate to Becky’s immature way of living and her love interest, Luke, was as boring as watching paint dry!  I just couldn’t connect with anyone! Even her best friend Suze was just a happy-go-lucky kind of character that tries to step in and help Becky but just ends up enabling her to continue being stupid and reckless with her finances.

I did enjoy the first book as an introduction to Becky and her issues but I really didn’t feel that 6 books of the same thing were necessary.  In fact, the ending of the first book didn’t really compel me to move onto the next book in the series – I just went further because of this challenge.

Although I’m disappointed to have called it quits on a challenge, I just couldn’t force myself to go through another 3 books of the same thing! There are way too many books out there to read and I’m not going to torture myself in finishing a series just to say that I finished one. I actually hit a bit of a reading slump after the 3rd book and was dreading having to pick up book #4 – this was a tell-tale sign to me to abort mission!  I’m glad I did!

giphy (2)

Have you read a series that you’d recommend to me? Let me know in the comments below – maybe I can still complete a series before the end of the year!


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