May 2017 – Reading Wrap Up!

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a great month of May and are enjoying the first days of June!  I can’t believe it but here we are getting ready to re-cap another month of reading.

Unfortunately, I was in a bit of a reading slump this month and got through 2 of the 3 books I planned to read.  Most of my month was consumed with A Walk Across The Sun which I’ll review in a later post and then I zipped through Being Jazz.  I’ve now gotten to the point where I’m ready to read my next book but I don’t think it’ll be The House of Four by Barbara Nadel as I originally planned.  When I originally saw the book’s description I thought it’d be an interesting read but now that it’s actually the next book I’m supposed to read, I don’t think I’m super keen on reading it anymore.  The description doesn’t appeal to me the same way that it did the first time I read it.  Ah well, I guess I’ll be returning it to the library!  Womp womp.

What I Enjoyed


I thought that Being Jazz was a great book for someone wanting to learn what it’s like to be a transgendered teen.  I read Beyond Magenta by Susan Kulkin last fall which provided snippets into the lives of transgendered people while Being Jazz followed the transition of a girl named Jazz.  You might feel like you’ve heard the name before and that’s because Jazz’s story was originally a TLC series. I had caught a couple of the episodes but I think that book really takes a moment to go back in time and give a complete picture of Jazz’s transition rather than snippets of her life as it is today.  I’ll be sure to link my review to this book as soon as it’s ready 🙂

Honorable Mention


I have mixed feelings when it comes to A Walk Across The Sun.  I think the book’s premise was quite catchy and started off quite well and explored the issue of human trafficking.  I’d say the first 3/4 of the book was quite good. It was filled with suspense and kept you wondering “what next?” but I found the ending a bit underwhelming.  I also didn’t fully enjoy that the book was a typical book of Westerners swooping in to save the day for those in the East – in fact there were a couple of moments where the “America is great” motto made its way (un)subtly into the book which had me rolling my eyes.   The book was 500+ pages but I honestly feel like it could have been around the 300 page mark.  I’ll go through further details in my post re-capping the book but I can’t say I fully enjoyed the book which is why I gave it an honorable mention.  It started off well but really fell flat for me.

Be sure to check out my June TBR to find out what’s on the docket for this month!


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