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If you love reading and are looking for recommendations on what you might want to read next then you’ll feel right at home at Zi’s Reads!  My posts are split into two themes – Books Reviews where I share my thoughts on books that I’ve read; and Tea Time! where I share a variety of things related to being a bookworm and a book blogger.  Here’s where you’ll find things like my monthly TBRs, wrap ups, book tags, and so much more!  Why “Tea Time” you ask?  I LOVE tea! Not those fussy and fancy kinds – just plain old orange pekoe tea.  I also find comfort in tea and what’s more comfy than tea and a good book!?

I’ve always loved reading and within the last year or so, I’ve been making more time for myself to escape into the world of books.  Within my friend-circle, I’m often asked for book recommendations and got to thinking “hey, maybe I can share my reading journey with the Internet!” … so, here I am!

I know there are a bunch of book bloggers on the Internet – so why am I here?  I’ve often been told by my friends that my reading taste is diverse and that’s why they like asking me for recommendations. Don’t get me wrong, I have my favourite genres but I also like to pick up books that are outside my preferred genres because that’s how I grow as a reader and a person. In my personal search for book recommendations, I find the internet flooded with bloggers, booktubers, and bookstagramers that are heavily focused on sci-fi, fantasy, and YA books.  I can’t say I’m a huge fan of sci-fi or fantasy so I find it hard to get book recommendations outside of those genres. If I can make even one person’s reading a little more diverse, then I will have reached my goal of adding a bit more diversity to the book community!

I’m a pretty new at blogging and I think that along with sharing my reading journey with you, I am looking to improve my ability to write.  You’ll find that my posts feel like we’re having a conversation and that’s important to me – I’m not a stuffy or formal person and want my authentic self to come across in my blog as well.  I’m all about making Zi’s Reads a casual and cozy spot – no judgement!

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Looking forward to our journey together!